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What is Hello Kitty Online

"Hello Kitty Online" (HKO) is a small 2D - Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game produced by Sanrio Digital Hongkong. HKO is free to play in principle, but also features an Item-Shop. The game has been getting attention from the press because of its frequent charity-events. There are client-versions in other languages too, but not fully localized. Official homepage:

Hello Kitty Online Wiki updates

March 2012
Currently working on a major wiki design overhaul. It is unknown when it'll be done or added.
April 2011
Still working on updates and lots of new pictures: New York & Dream Carnival-tutorial area with NPCs, Quests, Resources, Creatures, Items and more. New/Altered start-up Quests. How to start. Latest shop-ranges.
June-July 2010
Sewing, Forging, Cooking - all recipes/guides, lvl, sources and stats.
May 2010
Items - all equipment, stats & sources. Hairstyles, Quests - overview & tips, pics of quest-texts & rewards. Overview: Pets, Skills, Farming 2010, Crafting.
May 2010
Locations, About HKO, NPCs. Updated all areas with pics, creatures, resources & NPCs. Updated all NPCs with pics. All Creatures of 2010 with location, pics, pet-stats, drops. All Resources of 2010 with locations & levels.
November 21, 2009
Updated Farming to be more up-to-date
November 22, 2008
Resources Template Discussion
Discuss the Resources template's look and style here.


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